You get what you pay for….

Posted on July 11, 2019 in LIME LIFE, News & Announcements

don’t be fooled by cheap prices, posted pictures and even reviews

About a month ago I was scrolling through instagram and BOOM, an advertisement popped up that shocked me! It was a AD for a pant from a popular clothing brand that we have been selling at KEYLIME for at least 9 years.

The pictures were identical of what the brand had been using on their social media sites, stock photos from their website, and even the description of the fit, material benefits etc were the same… everything but the cost! I sell the same bottoms in store for $110 (as required by this brand) and this random no name company had them listed for $29!

I thought, what the heck so I clicked on the link to check it out and was shocked by what I was seeing. Was it actually that company that I had been purchasing from or was it a company that ripped off their pictures and patterns.

So I sent the link of these “no name pants” to Public Myth to see if they were aware about this companies ad.

They replied back right away ” OMG thank you, this is the second one we were sent today” We chatted for a bit. They verified that the ads weren’t theirs and I agreed to send them links to any more ads that I saw popup.. I ended up purchasing a pair of capris, leggings and pants from one of the “no name” sites.  I had too!  They were offering 50% off if you ordered more then one. My bill came to $54.90 American. I pressed confirm payment, received a receipt and went on my merry little way. I was interested to see the style / quality they would end up being but of course was not getting my hopes up. At the very least I had 3 new bottoms to take camping… or I thought I would!

Well as you know how ads / algorithm works, once you press on one link, they all start popping up and within minutes, I had more than 5 links to forward to Public Myth.

Believe it or not I had customers and friends messaging me, asking me why we charged so much for these items when they could get them for much cheaper online. I explained that those websites selling those items did not have permission to use Public Myths pictures and they were no way affiliated with them. I was even told Public Myth now have people trying return the “no names” back to them.

Fast forward 3 weeks a parcel came in with 3 pants…

I was actually surprised they came in! Not what I had ordered, but 3 items came in… all the same style and different sizes. Have a look at the quality of them…. whats the problem, right? LOL!!

I still keep laughing, and NO I did not try them on, they were totally see throu, they cant even be worn camping…

I tried to search up the website I had ordered from and it was gone, I found a few more sites that were still carrying them. I also searched the name that was on the packaging and a amazon link appeared… Another ad that seemed legit.


Whats the lesson here?

I knew what I was getting, AKA, not the real product. But I wonder how many hundreds of people received their items and were shocked by the crappy quality. I think  people are looking for products that will arrive fast and at a cheap price, unfortunately, more often than not, you get what you pay for.  Whether its clothing, products, services, etc.


Definition of you get what you pay for
—used to say that a thing that can be bought for a very low price probably isn’t very good


Can you tell Brand Name VS No Name









So what now? I’ve requested a refund and Ive put in a dispute with PayPal as the item that arrived was not described. Lets see what happens.


My advice, if you feel like the offer is too good to be true, it probably is.

Try to shop local as much as possible, ask friends if they have ever ordered from unknown companies, and don’t always trust reviews.


P.S if you’d like to order a pay of these pants let us know! KEYLIME can help you get REAL, quality made bamboo pants!


Thanks for reading friends!