KEYLIME is launching a new division!

Posted on July 16, 2019 in KEYLIME second run, LIME LIFE

KEYLIME now has a “Pre-Loved” Division called SECOND Run Athletic Wear!

We love unique, quality athletic pieces that add functionality, and character to our wardrobe. We also love buying, wearing and offering all the last trends and colours leaving our previous purchases left in the back of our closets. So what a better way to trade in and trade up those unworn items wasting space.

Why Buy Second Hand?

Every item in our SECOND RUN section is selected with care and attention to ensure the items are in perfect condition. That’s our promise. We carefully handpick our items to ensure they are perfect even though they’re pre-loved. We complete thorough, detailed inspections for each piece because we want you to walk out with your perfect treasure. We stock quality consignment items.

In addition to choosing ethical brands, another way to slow down fast fashion is by buying pre-loved items. It gives well-made clothes a new life, allowing consumers to recycle, reuse and try something new in style.


Feeling the urge to clean out your closet? Have some well loved, too large or too small athletic wear you’re looking to rehome? Are you in the NEED for new functional athletic wear? We can help!

Learn more about our Buy Back Program HERE


DID YOU KNOW? “There’s a lot of water and chemicals that go into our clothes. When I say a lot, I mean 1,800 galleons of water to make one pair of blue jeans. If we recycle unused clothes, that means we won’t be paying the price in the future. Aside from landfills there’s damage to the environment, loss of habitat for animals, and pollution of natural resources. Whose money goes to fixing that? Your tax money! Where do those landfills go? Anywhere. And the water that’s used to make clothes is probably drinking water… You’d think, it wouldn’t run out but let’s not wait for that surprise.

How is this a better way of dealing with textile waste? Clothes get a longer lifespan. When things get thrown out by hundreds of people, at around the same time, it creates an exponential amount of waste. But when people use clothes to the fullest extent, that clothes can take up to a decade before it touches a landfill. That means one pair of jeans could be used by someone else’s sibling, cousin, or friend. You paid a small amount and the benefits were a hundred times over.”