Out of Stock Sucks!

Posted on June 10, 2019 in News & Announcements

Out of Stock …. Sucks.

Don’t you hate when you go shopping and fall in love with something hanging on the rack, only to discover that they don’t have your size. Are you one of the common sizes that always seems to be out of stock? Those sizes go so quickly, and we totally understand your frustration.

KEYLIME carries a lot of brands that’s re-orderable. We made an effort to find clothing lines that keep their inventory open and available. If the clothes are still in season with the Manufacturer, we can restock as necessary.

Please keep this in mind when you come in next time. We aren’t like the other big box stores where if you don’t see it, you can’t get it. If you spot something in store, and fall in love, please ask us if we can bring your size in. If it’s still available to us, we’ll happily do that for you.

We are super excited to announce that some of our local suppliers will ship directly to you from their factory!

If you the size and style you need,  All our online items ship within 2 business days! If you need helping with sizing and fit message us or stop by the store, we can help you out!

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Not every item will make it online… If you have seen a item on our FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM page we can ship those out too!

It’s the little things that make us different. We like that.

Thank you for understanding! Feel free to contact me!

Kristi Wozniak