New Years Resolution for Becoming Active

Posted on January 2, 2019 in News & Announcements

Ah, the holidays, a time of overindulgence, when gorging on sprinkle cookies, gingerbread and other sugary confections is par for the course—several courses in my case.

We’ve all been there, putting off going to the gym or skipping a class and adding an extra scoop of whip cream. ’Twas the season, after all, and YOLO, right? But come the New Year, when our jeans and tops become snugger and the surge of deep regret takes over, we fall back to the ever-so common New Year’s resolution of becoming healthier and more active. I just want to toss those jeans away myself! But thats totally unrealistic because I wont be happy with these extra 15ish pounds!

Setting goals is a better choice when making long lasting changes in your life. If you plan to get fit, save money, stop smoking, eat better, travel more, etc., its crucial to actually make a plan on how to do it rather than jump in and hope it happens. Essentially, by getting items that are sleek, comfy and promote activity, you’re more inclined to get off the couch and, well, be active. Even if you’re not jumping into a marathon from the onset (who could, really?), getting gear that encourages you to do so is a great start. We think wearing new active wear empowers women, It gives them the extra confidence and incentive to not only get active, but also be comfortable being active. You’ve made it to class now the last thing you want to worry about is your clothing.

People need a reason to goal set and the start of a new year always inspires us to self-reflect and improve. The most important thing is to make the resolutions attainable so they are not tossed out the window in the second week of January. It really only takes small baby steps to get us to the milestones. And heck if you fall off the wagon just start again… no ones perfect. Don’t forget what works for a friend might not work for you!

Need a new class or studio? Scared of commitment? Don’t worry! There are several studios, gyms, classes that offer their first class is free or intro weeks!

And if you need a little motivation to kick off your “new year, new me” mantra, start with a little retail therapy. That’s right, there’s no better way to encourage a run, a ride, or yoga session then a fresh sports bra, tanks, capris, leggings or other form of activewear.

To help get you on track KEYLIME is offering you 25% off a new outfit that’ll motivate you to be active in the New Year. Use coupon code Newyear19 to save!

Worried about losing weight and “wasting money”? Don’t worry we offer another 25% off if you need a smaller size within 6 months of purchase!


Happy New Year Friends!