My Thoughts for Today…

Posted on January 8, 2019 in LIME LIFE

Owning a small business is fricking hard! And yes it’s a life style I have choose, and never did I open KEYLIME thinking I’d get rich from it but never did I think it would be such an emotional draining roller coaster.
Seeing friends shops come and go, the depression, the worry that business owners face, the relationships that end, the stress on your family and friends, the days you no longer want to face the fact that one day your dream, your current purpose maybe over.
Why do we do this to our selves? Is it for the dream? The attention? Maybe the fact you might be making a difference in this world? The hope that one day you can pass your legacy down to your children?
At this point I think the majority of us are trying to stay positive, support each other the best we can… and we all hurt when someone can no longer survive.

I’m thankful my doors are still open after 10.5 years… although there’s been many times I wondered how long I can keep going…I too see one day my dream will be behind me and I’ll move forward knowing I did the best I can with what I had…

This article has many realistic facts / points, please take a read.

Please shop and share local when you can.

Stay strong my fellow business friends… this too shall pass.