New you, time to LOVE you!

Posted on December 28, 2017 in News & Announcements

With all the New Year hype about resolutions and weight loss, NEW Year New you quotes… keep in mind that YOU matter. YOU deserve to be happy and healthy. YOU need to LOVE you! So whatever resolutions, habits or routines you’re making this year make it for YOU! Learn to LOVE yourself just as much as you are loved by others!

How To Love Yourself –

Here are 20 simple things you can do to start the journey of loving yourself.

1. Stop comparing yourself to others. There may be times when competition is appropriate, but life is not one of them. A great way to stop comparing yourself to others is to redirect the comparison within.

Be proud of where you are in the present compare to the past. This is a great strategy that will help you appreciate yourself and stop comparing yourself with others.

2. Stop picking your body apart. Stop saying, ?I am not skinny.? Instead, be proud of your body. Make sure to take time to appreciate your curves and muscle. Start speaking positive affirmations of your body image.

3. Discover your purpose. A great way to boost your self-esteem is by discovering your unique gift. Give yourself the opportunity to find that talent within that makes you happy.

4. Make time to hang out with positive people. You cannot hang out with negative people and expect to live a positive life. A great way to create a positive change in your life is by hanging out with positive-minded individuals who are proactive at been their best version of themselves.

5. Get to know yourself. Spend more time alone to learn more about yourself. Most people do not understand who they are. By spending time by yourself, it will help you reflect on things you things your passionate about, learn new interest, and it will boost self-confidence.

6. Forgive and forget. Letting go of grudges and bitterness is important for a healthier you. When someone you care about hurts you, do not hold on to the anger. By holding to anger it will affect your daily mood and possibly built up resentment.

7. Improve your appearance. Taking care of your external appearance is important and can help boost your self-confidence. Looks are not about having a certain size or body, it?s all about been the best version of you. You are not vain for caring about your appearance.

8. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Hormones called, ?endorphins? are released after working out making you feel good. Exercise and endorphins have been linked to feelings of happiness. Exercising does affect your self-esteem by looking good, feeling strong, and having a positive attitude.

9. Find a hobby. Hobbies let you explore interests outside of your line of work. Finding a hobby also helps to develop a personal life outside of your daily routine. Developing a hobby is essential in sustaining mental health and self-esteem.

10. Laugh at yourself. Being able to laugh at yourself displays maturity and self-confidence. Don?t take yourself or anyone else too seriously.

11. Volunteer. Volunteering can provide a healthy boost to your self-confidence by helping other people less fortunate will help you become more humble. Making a positive contribution in the community will help improve your self-esteem.

12. Be less judgmental. Learning how to be less judgmental and developing a more accepting and less selfish attitude will help boost your self-esteem. Freeing yourself from been so judgmental, will also give you the opportunity not to dismiss others, and possible gain a lot of new friendships.

13. Stop trying to please everyone. Many people spend their lives trying to please everyone; the result is not only stress and unhappiness but also low self-esteem. Stop focusing on everyone else and pay attention to things that make you happy.

14. Smile more. When you smile, you feel and act in a more personable way to everyone around you and exude confidence. A confident smile can be more attractive than good looks. Mastering a health self image starts with a huge smile.

15. Dance more. Dance offers a creative outlet for people to express their personalities and increase your self-esteem.

16. Treat Yourself. The importance of treating yourself is often overlooked. We can sometimes feel guilty about doing something purely for ourselves. Many people are constantly giving to others but never take the time to treat themselves.

17. Create a balance. Maintaining a healthy life balance means is essential for your happiness. Many people are living unbalance lives because they don?t take the time to enjoy their life. Take time to have a well-balanced life since is essential for personal effectiveness, peace of mind, and living well.

18. Take care of your finances. Taking care of your finances is a big part of self-care. Having low-self esteem can affect your finances by developing bad habits as over spending money.

People who have their finances well organized have higher self-esteem due to been able to take care of themselves with out been dependent of others.

19. Forgive your past self. Forgive yourself and make room for happiness in your life. How long must you flog yourself before you are worthy of forgiveness? Target the specific things that you feel bad about and forgive yourself.

20. Don?t assume the worst. Why do we always expect the worst? Constantly expecting the worst takes a toll on your self-esteem. Stop assuming and believe in your abilities.

Everyone has heard that you have to love yourself before someone else can love you. Loving yourself is essential for a living a happier life.