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Posted on April 19, 2015 in Job Postings, KEYLIME Rep

We would LOVE to have you as a part of Team KEYLIME to help bring KEYLIME to just that many more people in this wonderful world of ours! So before you take the ?plunge? we thought we would give you a little more background into exactly what will be expected of you, but more importantly, what you?ll be getting from us!

When you sign the KEYLIME Sales Representative Agreement, you will be agreeing to represent KEYLIME in the most fabulous way possible. Not only will you become a sales person for the brand, but you will become a part of our Team and will be expected to represent our brand whole-heartedly.

So what do YOU have to do to become a KEYLIME Rep? For $79 plus the minimum sample pack ($320)?,? you will not only have the rights to sell KEYLIME?, ?you?ll also receive 30% OFF all KEYLIME clothing. Sounds awesome right??!?

Your chosen sample pack ?is ?40% off the retail cost?! Sample packs consist of our top sellers in a variety of colours and sizes?, and you can sell them at any time!? You can buy more sample packs at any time!? and? You do NOT have to buy sample packs every season.
?There are 4 levels to choose from: ?Level 1 $320?, ?Level 2 $530?, ?Level 3 $760? and ?Level 4 $1200?.

We want the KEYLIME Reps to be active and to be current on all thing KEYLIME. In order to remain an active Rep, you are required to sell a minimum of $300?? per quarter (every 3 months). This $300 can include stock purchases, individual orders, and trunk party orders.

A regular KEYLIME party sales average $1500, and the average ?earnings is $225!? ?We want this to be the ?job? that you love and are excited about doing!

For more information please visit our website ??

If this opportunity sounds perfect for you please fill out the attached paper work and send it back to us by email or fax it to 780-416-4672? and purchase the package of your choice HERE?

We look forward to ?you joining our TEAM!

?Founders and Owners?