We Love Canada Made

Posted on February 20, 2012 in News & Announcements

We all know why buying Canadian Made products help our communities but here are some facts people are forgetting:

Don’t get me wrong I love the fact I can drive 20 minutes to one of my factories. 2 years ago I decided to buy more Canadian Made products and manufacturer all KEYLIME clothing pieces in Canada. We currently have 2 factories, one in Edmonton, Alberta and one in Vancouver, BC.

Lately I have been receiving some negative feedback about my prices. Although it takes only a few minutes to explain what it means to produce clothing in Canada vs. Overseas and how the companies I purchase from suggest a retail price. ?Why would I charge more when you can order that product online? But without being able to make money on products, why would we stay in business?

These big box stores that offer 50-70% off aren’t losing money when offering steep discounts and specials. But there is no possible way small independent stores could sell something for less then what we purchased it for and still stay in business. And that’s why you rarely see independent small businesses clearing out goods like big box stores.

Business advisers suggest to increase profit margins. For me to make the same profits on Canadian-made goods as other brand name athletic clothing on 1 pair of pants that are not Canadian made, I would need to charge $400!

I will never stop producing my clothing in Canada, and will not apologize for the price. For now, I will continue to offer a variety of items in store whether they are made here or there.

Not everyone can buy Canadian Made goods, but keep in mind there are many great Canadian Base Companies that would love your support!