What our customers are saying!

All KEYLIME branded clothing is made in a factory in Vancouver. We feel that it is very important to keep KEYLIME local and support our Canadian neighbours.

KEYLIME prides itself on supporting local factories and local businesses in general. Considering that we know how important it is for our local community to support our company, we work hard to ensure that our focus remains in our Canadian community!

“Have to let you know that I wore a pair of your leggings in a race this past weekend. They performed fantastically! They really are like wearing a second skin – silky smooth, no pinching into your skin once you get sweaty, no riding up or down, not constructive, felt supported and my panties didn’t show through (they were he zig-zag pattern) – may seem silly, but hate that aspect especially when your doing squats. I want a pair of black ones now. Basically, they’re the cats ass and I’ll support and advocate your brand! Love, love, love them”

“I love the Keylime brand for a number of reasons. Not only am I supporting local and Canadian-made, the pieces of clothing that I own have also stood up to a number of washes over time and is still in great condition. My yoga and workout pants are super comfy, they fit well and I am pleased that it can stand up to the wash test.”
~ Narissa

“My keylime hoodie has stood up through five years of constant wear and use, and two pregnancies as well! It’s still comfy and warm and hasn’t even started to pill yet!
My crops are super comfy, and always fit perfect. And even after four years of wear, there is no pilling and they still fit perfect.”
~ Erin

“Amazing service and the very best in yoga and athletic wear. I personally wear most of the lines they carry and I have also purchased a full line of yoga wear for the 25+ ladies who work for me with our logos on them. Key Lime has great Canadian quality, amazing prices and very friendly staff!”
~ Carol- from google review

“Love, Love, Love Keylime. It appeals to all body types and still maintains a modern look. Their product is definietly worth the price and the clothing is high quality. I have never been dissappointend with anything that I have purchased from the store. Way to go! Love buying from and supporting Local moms.”
~ WM Smith- from google review

“As a curvy person who is in the size 16-18 range, I feel ignored by most retailers. One well known athletic company sales lady told me to “work harder” to fit into their clothing. My trainer referred me to Key Lime and it has changed my life. They make sizes XS-2XL, so I found pants, sweat shirts, and jackets that made me feel confident in my curves. During my fitting the owner actually told me to love my body and be good to myself, which has inspired me and touched my heart. Why can’t all retailers build their customers up like this?”
~ “google user” – from google reviews

“Love Keylime!! Just knowing that everything is made in Canada and the Customer service ROCKS!!! This is what keeps me coming back!! Thanks Kristi!!” from: Happy M.E.

“I was just in there for the first time and so far I am very impressed with the stuff I bought. They had tons of diffrent sizes which is very nice to see. If they hold up to washing I will be back also the prices were pretty good.”
~ “google user” – from google review

“I absolutely love my keylime bamboo pants. They are the most comfortable clothes I have ever had! My girls also love the clothes so much that the wear their bubble hoodies everywhere, even to sleep! Can’t wait to go shopping again!!!”
~ Tara

Bamboo Pants from Keylime Athletic Wear #Giftspiration for Dads http://frugaledmontonmama.com/2013/12/bamboo-pants-from-keylime-athletic-wear-giftspiration-for-dads/