KEYLIME ambassador program

How would you like to be a Brand Ambassador?

what is the KEYLIME ambassador program?

The KEYLIME ambassador program is searching for awesome trainers, instructors and athletes who are active in our community. Ambassadors will wear our clothing because they believe in the quality of our product and they agree with our brand’s core values.

We want to thank those who support KEYLIME Athletic Wear, so we have come up with a Brand Ambassador program that rewards you for all your hard work. As a KEYLIME Brand Ambassador you will promote KEYLIME Athletic Wear to your friends and networks. You will receive your very own discount code, that will offer a 5% discount on our clothing to all of your friends. You will then be rewarded 10% of the family/friend purchase back in KEYLIME credit! It is up to you when you receive your rewards, you can use it as it comes in, weekly, monthly, on request etc. Use the KEYLIME Credits and put them towards buying items for yourself. Host parties and events in the store and receive 10% of the sales back in KEYLIME credit!

On top of that you will receive a clothing allowance of $100 a month in exchange for blogs, pictures, etc. Each month you will be given a KEYLIME gift card of $100 once we receive a blog and few pictures of you wearing the clothing! Each month we will give you a blog topic or you can pic your own! You can also take advantage of discounts! 35% off KEYLIME product and 25% all other brands we carry! Your first blog post would be about YOU!

How you promote it is up to you, the only requirement as a KEYLIME Brand Ambassador is that you follow @KEYLIMEClothing on Twitter, ‘like’ the KEYLIME Athletic Wear`s Facebook page, and put something about KEYLIME Athletic Wear in your social networking bios.

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*** KEYLIME does not pay our KEYLIME Ambassadors money to wear and promote our clothing.